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index_features-Welds are tightly free

Welds are tightly free
Twenty years of experience, to find out a set of compact workpiece bonding process, the cup body to join the compact gap, an effective solution to the residue of fruits and vegetables slag residue, reduce bacterial growth, health and safety

index_features-The solder joints are smooth and do not scratch

The solder joints are smooth and do not scratch
The unique solder joint repair process makes the solder joints firm and smooth without thorns. Eliminate the use of scratches scratch injury.

index_features-Mesh uniform and non-pitting

Mesh uniform and non-pitting
The use of constant temperature reciprocating etching process with a unique formula to effectively eliminate the cell side of the erosion. The maximum guarantee mesh evenly, to solve the cleaning trouble

index_features-Stable and reliable material

Stable and reliable material
Stainless steel are selected food grade GB raw materials, through the "national standard food grade" 巜 ROHS "巜 REACH FDA" test, reduce food safety risk

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